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Sponges soaked in espresso coffee interlayered by Mascarpone, Marsala wine and egg cream

Baci di dama (Lady's kisses)
Amaretto (almond flavoured) biscuits soaked in coffee, filled with Nutella chocolate and Mascarpone, coated with grated coconut

Panna Cotta
A very delicate milk cream flavoured with lemon zest and topped with summer fruit coulis marinated in Port wine (Gluten free)

Baileys Pot
A delicious homemade ice cream made of Bailey's mousse enriched with toasted hazelnuts and chocolate chips (Gluten free)

Torta Al Cioccolato
Pure dark chocolate, eggs and butter are the ingredients for this very popular Italian choclate cake known as 'Barozzi' (Gluten free). Served with a scoop of mint ice cream
Riso Alle Mandorle
An Italian style rice pudding made with almond milk, Amaretto liqueur and cherries (Vegan Delight)

A refeshing combination of lemon sorbet and Limoncello liqueur from 'Oh Sole Mio' land (Gluten free)

Michelangelo's affogato
Two scoops of vanilla ice cream drowned in Espresso coffee. Topped with cream and chocolate curl. (Gluten free)

Gelati / Sorbetti

A choice of:
ICE CREAM : Vanilla / Chocolate / Mint with chocolate chips
SORBET: Lemon / Raspberry / (Vegan) Banana

One scoop £3.80
Two scoops £6.70
Three scoops £8.00


Cheese board
Pecorino Toscano (Tuscany sheep cheese), Caprino (goat cheese), Dolcelatte and Parmesan served with grape, celery and ciabatta bread